Upcoming Events: (Register Free to get updates)

The talks will follow my PDF Northern Beekeeping Guide (currently 190+ pages)

Talk 1: Intro to the Basics (Overview) - Thursday April 15, 2021 - 7PM

Talk 2: Bee Tools/Equipment and Time Commitments/Local Rules

Talk 3: Bee Biology /Beekeeping is Local

Talk 4: Bee Nutrition

Talk 5: Disease and Pest Management

Talk 6: Year 1 Spring to Summer

Talk 7: Year 1 Fall and Winter

Talk 8: Second Year Challenges

Talk 9: Single Hive Management

Talk 10: Advanced Wintering Science

Talk 11: Hive Monitoring Basics

Talk 12: Beekeeping Microscopy (Disease, Pollen and Honey)

Talks will be free (On scheduled day) and will be recorded. To get access to unlisted videos and PDF Guide I will ask for a minimum of $20. This will help me pay for my Zoom account and continue my bee studies. My aim is to host a talk every 1-2 weeks. E-transfer (Canada) or signup at Patreon -