North of 60 Beekeeping

A site dedicated to learning how to successfully keep bees in Northern Climates.

(Companion site to: Facebook North of 60 Beekeeping Group)

Our goals are:

To develop a better understanding of Beekeeping in Extreme Northern Climates (Yukon, NWT and Alaska)

•Best Practices – How can we improve yields and winter survival of honeybees?

•Best Forage for Success – What are the best native and non-native pollen and nectar sources in the different parts of the North?

•Best Equipment to Use – What is the best equipment to use to here for our specific conditions?

To develop North of 60 beekeeping knowledge for all levels

To introduce beekeeping to more people in the North (more data and experiences to learn from and share)

•Save money by not making the same mistakes we made

•Ability to run successful beekeeping businesses

•Pooling and sharing resources, skills and tools to reduce some costs (OAV Vapourizer, Extractors, Books, etc...)

•To educate beekeepers on diseases and pest that could have a large impact on the viability of keeping bees in the North

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