Growing Degree Days Comparison

Quick Comparison of Growing Days (GDD 5C) between a few Ecoregions of Canada. Make sure you look at the vertical axis scale when comparing.

Putting things in perspective, Ottawa's bee season is a good 1 to 2 months ahead of Yukon. Dawson is about has much warmer summer weather than Whitehorse. Learn to read and understand your local cues. Plants need heat/sun to grow. Bees need these plants to grow and prosper. Incorporating pollen patties into your beekeeping management technics is very important and will allow your colonies to grow or maintain themselves during inclimate weather. Feeding sugar syrup is a must in this type of weather. We haven't seen temperatures over 20C in over 306 days (as of June 6 2021). Plants are slow to grow and stunted. We must adapted.

Whitehorse YT

Edmonton AB

Winnipeg MB

Ottawa ON