North of 60 Research Projects

Our Goals:

Are you interested in digging deeper, leading or participating in Research Projects that could help us become more successful beekeepers (healthier bees, better overwintering results, higher yields, help the environment)? The goal is to develop pertinent open source projects where we openly share the information and data. To date, I have self funded all of these projects from my beekeeping courses and I have made sure to involve and share all the findings with the North of 60 community of people interested in beekeeping.

Let me know if you would like to participate or have ideas of other projects that would help us.

Current Initiatives:

Yukon Beekeeping Study Proposal:

This document was originally created in 2017 to formalize and take a citizen science study approach to improving our northern beekeeping practices. Due to some funding challenges, I decide to take it on myself and use education and information sharing as a way of capturing data.

Yukon Beekeeping Research Project