Getting Started

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Beginner’s Sequence

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•Get yourself a nice beginner's beekeeping book 1st

•Watch some of these videos -

•Getting Bees (Nucs or Packages)

•Race of Bees (

•Protective Equipment

•Frame Depth (Deeps – 90lbs or Mediums – 60lbs)

•Number of Frames per box (8 or 10) 48lbs vs 60lbs)

•Foundation Type (None, plastic dipped in wax, wired wax)

•Bee Yard Location

** Start small but not too small – 2 or 3 hives is ideal

Getting Bees

(Recommend starting with at least 2 hives)

Buying a nucleus hive (Nuc) – Usually 4-5 frames

•Overwintered nuc (Queen is already part of the hive)

•Assembled hive (caged queen and bees are assembled into a mini hive)

Buying a package

•Usually from New Zealand

Buying a replacement queen (Queens die or stop being productive)

•Lots of options

Yukon Options:

•Anywhere Air North Flies (Vancouver, Ottawa, Edmonton, etc…)

•Canada Post will also ship

Shipping Bees up North:

Also ask your supplier for the following:

1) a bright orange label for the top of nucs reading "Do not Stack!!". (or where ever the ventilation is located to prevent it from getting covered)

2) an email with basic installation instructions

3) an email with recommended practices for storing and caring for the nucs in case they cannot be installed right away (weather, busy work life, etc...)

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