About Me

My Location:

  • 760m elevation
  • Mixed Boreal Forest with (Spruce/Pine/Aspen/Poplar/Willows)
  • A few open native meadows with native northern prairie wildflowers
  • Arid Climate 150mm to 175mm rain (April to Sept)
  • -30C to 20C (Zone 1 Hardiness)
  • Coldest -48C / Warmest 33C

My Bees

•8 hives raised from Nucs or from splits

•Polystyrene Hives (Paradise Honey Bee Boxes, Lyson)

•Goal is to maintain 8-10 hives and 2-4 nucs

•3 bee yards with 2-3 hives per yard each with hive monitoring (hive weight and internal temperatures/humidity)