Bee Yard Setup Basics

Hive Yard Setup:

•Full sun

•Wind protection

•Keep the hives off the ground

•Think winter snow & preparation

•Fencing (wind & bears & people/pets)


•Accessible by vehicle (plus)

•Tripping hazards (you will often have a hand full)

•Ergonomics (back issues)

•Local forage availability

•Add a waterer

Bear Protection Basics

(Yukon Guide to Electric Fencing)

•Keep area clean (practice good housekeeping)

•Use your wind block as a hard barrier

•Install an electric fence (>2.5J fence charger)

•Grounding is an issue in most parts of the Yukon

•Energizer / Grounding System / Insulators / Wire / Posts / Tester

•Clear trees, shrubs, other vegetation and debris along the fence line to allow wildlife to see the fence before encountering it, and to allow for fence maintenance.

•Solar (requires battery) or Plug in options available