Education Program

We believe introducing and educating everyone including young people on the importance of pollinators is key to protecting our environment.

We would like to develop community based programming for all ages (Primary School to High School / Adults). The activities could include show and tells, field visits (bee yards and flower meadows), planting pollinator friendly gardens to conducting pollinator/honeybee science projects (nutrition, disease, anatomy, etc...).

Please contact us if you would like to arrange a workshop.

Past Engagements by some of our members

Here is Doug attending his grandsons daycare and talked to the children about the importance of bees, they had a little dress up, tasted some honey out of the comb, answered some interesting questions and then he asked them to help him paint his hive boxes. They did a amazing job and we all had a blast.

These young people learnt about native pollinator biology, nutrition and nesting habits. They were also introduced to beekeeping and how local beekeepers care for their hives.

Here Etienne is passing around a frame of capped honey to show the kids how heavy it is and how much effort was required for the bees to collect the nectar required to make it.

Local children give native pollinator friendly plant a boost with a cup of compost. The learning session had the kids learning very important local native flowering plants (Jacob's Ladder, Yarrow, Slender Blue Beardtongue, and our small Goldenrod).

Pollinator Basics