By joining the club, you will participate in a growing community of people interested in honey bees, our wild pollinators, and the ecosystems they inhabit.

We are offering one type of membership - individual/family membership

FULL-INDIVIDUAL/FAMILY MEMBERSHIP - costs $20.00 for the period January 1 to December 31st each year. A full member gets one vote at any general meeting held by the Club.

Membership Benefits:

  • Voting rights in the Club
  • Eligibility for Board positions
  • Qualify for discounted (or maybe even free) workshop registrations
  • Access to our club extractor kit / Education Material / Loaner Bee Suits / Books
  • Online Beekeeping Sessions (2-3 per year)
  • Bulk group purchases (Bee equipment, Bees, Queens, etc...)

Donate to the Club

We will also accept donations that we will use to fund local research (pollinator, equipment trials, disease management), bring in bee experts from other parts of the country for special events. Specific initiatives with funding targets and business plans will be developed to ensure the money is being used effectively.

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